Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back after a break...

Oh! my god... break again...this time it was a long one! :O No excuse! but it was really a very hectic schedule in more than one ways... but its time to get back to work.

I recently attended 2 day Microsoft Tech Ed session in Mumbai, India... overall good one. Spoke lot about their new products and dozen more which could not make sense to me.,. i am lil dumb may be :)

Anyways what interested me was WinFX track which i attended last day... the presenter spoke lot on WPF, WWF and WCF.

List of new products outlined:
Windows Vista
Windows WorkFlow - not sure if it will be called as .net Framework 3.0
BizTalk 2006
Sharepoint 2007
C# 3.0 / VB 9.0 (not sure when it is going to be released, but plans)
New version of Visual Studio guess code named Orcass
Ofcourse along with VS 2005, SQL 2005 and VSTS coming off the market !!!

btw, Did you check the Internet Explorer 7.0 beta copy?
Check this ...

Cheers - D

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