Friday, June 08, 2007

Online word processor, site monitoring, online sheet and more with Zoho notebook...

Hello All - Need an Online word processor, 24x7 site monitoring, online word sheet without downloading any software ... check Zoho notebook...

I saw this demo of Zoho Notebook... thought of sharing this with you all, must watch video:

Zoho has huge online stable products like:
- Zoho On-Demand CRM Solution (good one, i liked the idea :)
- Zoho Online Word processor (no download)
- Zoho 24x7 site monitoring
- Zoho Wiki too!

Check out more if you are interested in buying their products at ... Sounds more like my manager Sooho :”)
Cheers, happy weekend – Dipesh


Lily Taylor said...

Very awesome stuff.

Jason Roy said...

Very good post, I definitely enjoy this amazing site, carry on it. Thank you for inspiring us to the same. I am happy that I found your post.

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