Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crm code 0x80040217 "The specified object was not found"

I have been faced lot many times by this generic .net error from CRM web service. Everytime it let me spend some time in figuring what this error was about ... and i learnt that this type of errors usually occur because of the mismatch/change of CRM metadata or data (GUID) for that record not matching. This can happen anytime when you are trying to do Insert, Update or Delete against CRM.

Easy Solution - Try catching Soap Exception instead of Generic .net Exception and see InnerXML message and it shows CRM code: 0x80040217 with description like: "Missing field/attribute" or it just says plain "Platform".
  1. If you are doing an insert check that all fields that you are using in the query/fetchXML are not misspelled.
  2. If you are doing an Update or delete check the above and ensure GUID you are using does exist in CRM database.

That should be the catch! Write to me if that does not solve your problem. Thanks - Dipesh

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