Monday, December 17, 2007

CRM 4.0 Data Import

New CRM 4.0 Data Import -

Microsoft offers multiple options to import data into your CRM implementation. It used to have in CRM 3.0 as well but with the Release of Titan there are multiple options to explore as listed:

Bulk Import Wizard - The Bulk Import Wizard has been improved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The list of entities to import has been extended with almost all system entities as well as custom entities. Also, the mappings created between the source data and the CRM system can now be saved and reused in subsequent import activities. Another new feature is the ability to see the list of imported records after the import has succeeded. Based on this list actions can be executed like Quick Campaigns and even deleting the records if necessary. The last major improvement is the ability to enrich data which is already in the system.

Data Migration Framework (3.0)/ Manager (4.0) - The second tool which Microsoft offers is the Data Migration Framework. This tool can be used to import data if any of the following scenarios do apply:
A> Migrate data from multiple sources
B> There are records which are related to others within the same or another entity
C> Notes and / or attachments need to be migrated
D> Data needs to be cleansed before importing into the CRM system

There are several third party tools that can do the job as well if this out of box functionality provided by MS does not fit your bill.

CRM Extensions / c360: ImportManager -
Scribe TOOL (my favourite, you should look into this if you need both ways data conversion - into CRM and from CRM to external interfaces!) -

For additional information visit Ronald's blog - he is the man :) Cheers - Dipesh

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