Thursday, June 05, 2008

Achieving High Performance: The Sustainability Imperative

Sustainability is moving from the periphery to the heart of business and government. As that transition occurs, organizations need to transform their operations—and, in some cases, their business models—to fully integrate sustainability initiatives across the enterprise. It’s a daunting effort. But the challenges are offset by the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead.

In this Point of View (link below), Accenture examines how organizations that weave sustainability into the fabric of their strategies and operating models can drive new capabilities with far-reaching effects in four areas:

1. Revenue growth from new products and services.
2. Cost reduction and efficiency improvements.
3. Better risk management.
4. Brand and reputation enhancement.

Accenture believes sustainability is an *engine* that can drive high performance. Further, the building blocks of high performance—market focus and position, distinctive capabilities and performance anatomy—can be used to create business opportunities and lasting value, for your stakeholders and for society at large.

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