Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Microsoft Server 2014 CTP1 features and download available now...

Server 2014 CTP1 available now
  • SQL Server 2014 takes an integrated approach to in-memory database technology. In-Memory OLTP, which optimizes performance of OLTP workloads, is fully integrated in the core SQL Server relational data
  • SQL Server 2014 introduces enhancements to two common database maintenance operations namely Partition Switching and Online Index Rebuild which greatly increases enterprise application availability
  • Extending Memory to SSDs:  Seamlessly and transparently integrates solid-state storage into SQL Server by using SSDs as an extension to the database buffer pool, allowing more in-memory processing and reducing disk IO.
  • Buffer pool memory, which plays key role in storing data pages and in turn reducing the I/O demand
  • Easy Cloud migration - New cloud migration wizard to easily move on premises SQL Server to Windows Azure
  • Easy Integration with Excel - "GeoFlow" - richer insights with 3D Visualization , faster insights and predictive analytics with data mining add ins in Excel
Download Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 1 -
Looking forward to get hands on too....

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