Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why does Microsoft acquire mobile business intelligence leader Datazen?

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Datazen Software, leader in mobile business intelligence and data visualization on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Acquisition to buy makes sense because it aligns with their Power BI strategy which is easy-to-use, accessible tools to extract maximum value from data – xPlatform and xDevices.... (not sure on console rendering though)
Most of the hi tech companies around the world need simpler ways to find data insights they can use to improve their business. With the pervasive use of mobile devices at work, mobile business intelligence (BI) is at a tipping point. Datazen is a mobile-first company at the forefront of this wave, with enterprise customers around the globe using its technology. More on Microsoft blog:


Features and capabilities provided by Datazen and its documentation here - http://www.datazen.com/docs/

Core components and architecture for Data Zen that can easily connect with SQL Server and analytic services.

Core Service
  • Windows service containing the Repository.
  • Repository of users, KPIs, dashboards, data view definitions, custom maps, permissions, custom brand packages and cached data.
  • Designed for fast read access by a large number of clients.
Data Acquisition Service
  • Windows service that periodically queries external data sources and caches results in the Core Service Repository.
Rendering Service
  • Windows service responsible for processing and rendering dashboard thumbnails.
Web Applications
  • Web API: REST-based API that is the client-facing interface to all client applications.
  • Control Panel: Application for browser-based server administration.
  • Viewer: Web portal for browser-based access to dashboards and KPIs.
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