Monday, September 19, 2011

Build event for Microsoft 2011 - Keynotes, sessions and excerpts

Keynotes and sessions from Build event day1 -
Speakers: Chris Jones , Steven Sinofsky , Antoine Leblonde , Mike Angiulo , Julie Larson-Green

Keynotes and sessions from Build event day2 -

o Windows Server 8 and Azure
o Virtualization & Cloud
o VS 2011 Developer Preview, Windows Azure SDK, Windows Azure Toolkit 1.5 available
o Visual Studio TFS on Azure

Mobile Device + Cloud
• Advance debugging in windows azure - (ability to do performance profiling on code deployed)
• Find Matching Clones(find copies of source code)
• Alpha blending

Demo by Scott Gutherie - Web and Mobile Reach - ASP.Net MVC 4 Preview
• Page Inspector/DOM Explorer/Source View
• Unification/Bunding feature, folder reference
• Shipping jquery as part of ASP.NET/visual studio Roslyn - jQuery.Mobile.MVC
• WebSocket API exposed with .NET 4.5 that allows connection to websocket from anywhere

Web and Mobile Reach/Web TFS
• SaaS for TFS and Windows Server 8 infrastructure

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