Friday, September 09, 2011

How to generate barcode from string in SSRS reports and PDF?

I stumbled upon this great article which I would like to point to you if you are looking for a solution on how to generate barcodes (Code 39 and 128) in SQL server reports with 2008 R2. There seems to be an existing issue with Code 128 testing in PDF (10v) but works fine in SSRS/reports.

There are free tools like Z Barcode reader (iphone) but can be used for testing the generated bar code.
Barcode reader free test Tool -

Here is the article in detail -

Also find John's blog useful here -
You can also download the code demo here: Reporting Services Free Barcodes Demo

Here is the knowledge base article as well that explains how to install font files on your machine for the barcodes to read correctly -

Sweet, I am going to find some time to get my thumbs down on this pretty soon :) will share more learnings as I discover! - DJ

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Pelo Steward said...

Thank you for sharing how to generate barcode in ssrs. I also find such a tutorial, still thank you a lot.