Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Optimize the performance of Microsoft SQL Server environments

"Plan Explorer FREE and the launch of the new Plan Explorer PRO at 2012 Dev Connections in Las Vegas today, - will help for optimizing the performance of Microsoft SQL Server environments."

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for
1. SQL Server delivers an advanced performance dashboard with relevant Windows and SQL Server metrics in a single view along with detailed insight of heavy SQL, blocking, deadlocks, and disk bottlenecks.

2. Analysis Services provides unparalleled insight into Analysis Services performance, including bottlenecks related to memory, storage systems, aggregation usage, queries and processing.
3. Event Manager is the ultimate scheduling, alerting and response system for managing SQL Server jobs, SharePoint jobs and other events that impact performance.

P.S: I do not recieve any compensation for writing or promoting these products but is merely interest...

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