Monday, November 05, 2012

My Internet Explorer 9.0 User experience reivew

Here is my Internet Explorer 9.0 User experience reivew :)


Pinned Sites - Dragging the IE window over the Windows taskbar in the bottom. Once pinned, next time when you click on it, opens the same program or web site directly. Very much similar to iphone apps made as bookmark or pinned on wall.

Tab isolation - Dragging and taking open tab (window) into new completely window that can be undocked or pinned to your favorites.

Download status - you can pause, cancel and view multiple downloads at the same time,

Tracking Protection - block sites tracking or following you to taget ads or to protect kids.

Hardware accelerataion, security and others.

Support for HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, location services, and SVG has made its way into Microsoft's browser.

Here is the HTML5 Test Suite Conformance Results page -


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