Saturday, November 10, 2012

Microsoft Surface - tinker attitude?

Someone great sometime mentioned that you should NEVER buy version 1.0 of any NEW product unless you are super rich! :) Here's why it applies for Microsoft Surface reviews and unanswered questions -
  1. Several threads on Microsoft’s support forums detail issues relating to audio stuttering and random muting while the Surface is in use or on standby.
  2. Touch Cover and Type cover are as expensive as buying a new competitor's tablet :) now, hear that these can split open at the seam exposing wiring within.
  3. There still seems to be confusion with most of non IT consumers (well even IT :) on what is the difference between Windows RT v/s Windows PRO launch sometime in January 2013? Difference MSFT claims is that RT is for consumers and Pro is for business.. huh?
  4. Windows 8 Surface
  5. Not only that, which hardware to buy - Dell Surface or one from HP or Acer (if they make them happy :)) or the ones actually manufactured by Microsoft?

Technical sepcifications for Windows RT Surface and Windows Pro Surface on MSFT Site.
Help me Choose between Microsoft Windows RT vs Windows PRO Surface -

In addition, you cannot port existing Windows 7 or earlier OS applications to Win 8 RT because its not on Intel chips...doesn't the product become great by its applications? Office included is just home/school version ...very limited.Makes me think. Should wait for Windows PRO ...cost? $999?

All right, enough bashing of Microsoft...I LOVE Microsoft, but what are the answers that the company thinks to beat its competitor product?
  1. Why are there NO carrier plans (3G/4G) provided on Microsoft Surface? How do I get wifi enabled while on move?
  2. Why is there no 16 GB surface with low-cost option? Is that a Strategy to get a high permium product out make margins and then after 6 months reveal cheaper products with varied options.
  3. What is Microsoft's answer to Air? - Is it possible to print documents from Microsoft Surface?
  4. What is MSFT' answer to Voice search - be it on IE Bing or Surface?
  5. Cant' we make out difference between Vapor Mg (low resolution) v/s Apple's Retina?
  6. Where are the apps that WOW me? :)
Time will tell how Microsoft new Windows 8 ecosystem will change consumers bheaviour but as of now it seems Microsoft has put there billion dollar Windows business at test! Wish you good luck,

Cheers - DJ

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