Thursday, May 17, 2007

GhostDOC VS addin to generate XML documents...

One of the tools that you would like to have as an MS Visual Studio addin - GhostDOC !

XML comments are invaluable tools when documenting your application. Using XML comments, you can mark up your code and then, using a tool like nDoc, you can generate help files or MSDN-like Web documentation based on those comments. The only problem with XML documentation is the time it takes to write it you often end up writing similar statements over and over again. The goal of GhostDoc is to automate the tedious parts of writing XML comments by looking at the name of your class or method, as well as any parameters, and making an educated guess as to how the documentation should appear based on recommended naming conventions. This is not a replacement for writing thorough documentation of your business rules and providing examples, but it will automate the mindless part of your documentation generation.

After installing GhostDoc, you can right-click on the method declaration and choose Document this.

Don't stop hereyou should add additional comments stating where the person is being saved to or perhaps give an example of creating and saving a person.
Adding these extra comments is much easier since the basic, redundant portion is automatically generated by GhostDoc. GhostDoc also includes options that allow you to modify existing rules and add additional rules that determine what kind of comments should be generated.

GhostDoc was written by Roland Weigelt and can be downloaded for VS 2005, VS Orcas as well from

HTH, Thanks - Dipesh

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