Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Scribe" ...answer to migration from legacy systems

1> Want to migrate contacts from Outlook into your CRM application?
2> Want to migrate data from existing CRM apps like Siebel and sf.com into your CRM?
3> Want to automatically feed leads into Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a Web site?
4> Want to populate customers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with financial and order history data from ERP?
5> Want to proactively monitor key customer activity through automated alerts sent to e-mail, cell phone, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
6> Want to enhance and validate data from third-parties via Web Services or data feeds
7> Want to synchronize customer data in real time between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other applications ?

Check the Scribe tool that allows you to do all this in real short time compared to spending your own development cycle! Follow the simple installation steps outlined here - http://blogs.msdn.com/mscrmfreak/archive/2007/04/22/Improved-Scribe-Installation-Guide.aspx

Cheers -Dipesh Joshi

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