Thursday, May 17, 2007

Write Callouts using VS 2005 using this template...

knock knock... I was trying to write my first callout because i need to send some real time data to third party application from my CRM. So on click of Save (postCreate) i wanted to do something. Anyways, my box has got no VS 2003 installed and i learnt that callouts can only be written in VS 2003 because CRM was built in .net 1.1 framework. So i thought ok, i need to install VS 2003 ... means already crunching space woes adds up! but then i found this great atricle on Arash's blog which tells me that i need not install VS 2003...viola! :)

You can write callouts using VS 2005 if you got .net framework 1.1 only! Arash has written a template that you can download it from here - (its a .msi, so fully automated) and you are good to go. Check his article here -

If you choose to create your own template then visit Jomo's blog - He has explained it beautifully here. You need to know MSBUILD a little to get this manually done. I prefered MSI built by Arash helped me a lot! Cheers - Dipesh Joshi

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