Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How do i import data from Outlook, lotus notes or any other data source into CRM 3.0?

How do i import data from Outlook, lotus notes or any other data source into CRM 3.0?

Every organization has data stored online about customers, products, leads, contacts, contracts, sales literature, competitors, and more. Perhaps you transferred this data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 as part of your initial implementation or found or purchased data after everyone was already using Microsoft CRM. However you got the data, you can automate the process of importing it into Microsoft CRM so that no one has to manually re-enter the data.

Microsoft CRM includes five tools for importing data, each of which is designed for specific source data:

• Bulk Import Wizard

• Data Migration Framework

• Data Migration Wizard for Microsoft Office Outlook with Business Contact Manager

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

• Microsoft CRM SDK
• Bulk Import Wizard -
The Bulk Import Wizard is useful for importing lists of names you have purchased or collected by other means. The data to import must be stored in a comma-delimited values (CSV) file or in a text file delimited with semicolons, colons, or tabs. The Wizard can be used only to import data into the Lead, Account, Contact, and Campaign Response areas of Microsoft CRM, including importing any custom attributes for these areas. Leads, accounts, and contacts can be imported directly to a marketing list. For example, one common use of the Bulk Import Wizard is to import contacts that have been exported from Microsoft Outlook into a CSV file. Another common use is to import data from a marketing list you purchased.
The Bulk Import Wizard cannot import notes and attachments!

• Data Migration Framework -
Data Migration Framework helps you to import data from any other data source. it is free and provided by Microsoft. Download Data migration framework

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